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Yes, It's Really Vegan!

Roo Skincare Masks and Serums use a patented fermentation process to turn vitamins, minerals and amino acids into our "Luxe Placenta", our vegan alternative to real placenta. This Luxe Placenta is 100% free of animal products and 100% cruelty-free, while still delivering all of the skin benefits of real placenta. 

The Revival Collection.

The key to unlocking youth: Roo Skincare Pharmacology, an active ingredient safely synthesized to mimic nature's production of growth factors for healthier, more revitalized looking skin.

Nature's Secrets Revealed by Science.

Discover the youth-defying revolution. Roo Skincare is clinically-proven to renew your skin from the inside out through all-natural, bio-synthetic therapy.

The Gold Standard of Cosmeceuticals.

With over 30 years of scientific research and development, Roo Skincare is an industry leader in
Cosmeceuticals, ensuring a quality product that provides unmatched results.

Discover Roo Revival Collection