The Jade Roller

The Jade Roller

The Jade Roller We All Love

Jade rollers have made a huge impact on western skincare the past couple of years. This ancient tool made its entrance into Chinese skincare to help keep skin beautiful and ageless. It was often referred to as the “Stone of Heaven” referring to its unique green color cool-to-the-touch exterior. (HAGEST, D.). Is there a real benefit to this pretty rock? Let’s roll into it.

What Is The Benefit?

1. The gentle pressure of a Jade roller enhances circulation while relaxing the facial muscles.

2. Jade rolling encourages lymphatic drainage and boosts the skin's natural detoxification process.

3. The gentle rolling allows a toning and lifting effect by reducing puffiness to sculpt out the cheek bones and refined jaw line.

4. The natural cooling of the Jade stone helps calm and sooth the skin while reducing any inflammation.


How It Works

The Jade roller is intended to push any trapped fluid in your skin into your lymph nodes. The goal is to focus on one small area at a time to ensure you are moving the fluid properly. The roller is said to:

  • help sculpt & tone
  • firm the skin, boost circulation
  • enhance glow
  • reduce puffiness
  • minimize fine lines
  • improve elasticity
  • detoxify
  • help skincare products absorb


 How Do I Use It?

For the best results, start by rolling from the chin and work your way up. Rolling gently up and down as you gradually move toward your forehead. This is most effective on clean skin. You should use your skincare products such as face oil, serum or moisturizer during rolling! This allows the roller to gently glide over your skin without causing irritation!


The Jade roller is the affordable way to DIY a luxurious facial massage at home! Grab your friends, your wine and your skincare products and roll on!




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