Roo's Origin

For centuries, Eastern cultures and societies alike have kept naturally occurring beauty secrets amongst themselves. With rejuvenation and anti-aging being paramount to health and revitalization, these societies relied upon the use of growth factors in their skincare regimes to encompass the richest anti-aging properties found in modern science.

Where do these growth factors come from? The most nutrient dense ingredients found within human and animal byproducts: placenta. Most notably derived from the afterbirth of sheep and deer. While researching this, the Roo team realized there was a way to utilize the growth factors without using any animal products.

Based on Placenta Pharmacology, our active ingredient has been safely synthesized to mimic nature's powerful placental properties. Containing five different growth factors, amino acids and proteins, Roo Skincare has been bio-engineered utilizing a patented fermentation process. Backed by extensive clinical studies, the manufacturing process is a unique mixture of bio-synthetic peptides and plant material.

Roo Skincare was created to provide a more consistent and ethical formula, and to provide revitalized, healthy looking skin. Originating in Sydney, Australia, Roo is a pioneer in the cosmeceutical space by providing ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, that have undergone over 30 years of scientific research and development, product and engineering experience. In the Sydney labs, we synthetically recreate growth factors and polypeptide growth factors that are found in nutrient dense placenta around the world. Our dermatologists source the most potent, active ingredients that reflect the true nature of the nutrients found in animal placenta, without harming or testing on any animals in the process. Roo Skincare upholds the gold standard within the cosmeceutical industry to bring you well-researched, science backed, transparent products.

Always Ethical

Formulated in an accredited, Australian GMP manufacturing facility, Roo is committed to offering the highest quality products. Inspired by the best of natural ingredients to bring you an effective clinically proven skincare collection that will not only pamper, but renew your skin from the inside out. And we do this ethically; 100% vegan and cruelty free, GMP quality and 100% money back guarantee.

Made With Love In Australia

Absolutely no parabens, phthalates, fake colouring, and glucocorticoid hormones. Just radiant, youthful looking skin with no compromises.


Roo's Revival Mask and Serum go to work immediately to help boost collagen and elastin. Upon application they go to work for up to 72 hours on the applied area.

All 5 key growth factors are present in the vegan placenta, and work identically to traditional placenta!

Because we want as many people as possible to experience Roo, we offer all customers 30 days from purchasing to return their order, no questions asked!