Are your products suitable for all skin types?

Yes! Our products cater to all skin types, and are especially helpful for hydrating dry and combo skin, as well as soothing sensitive skin. 

Is synthetic placenta as effective as actual placenta?

Yes! Our formula has been tested in clinical trials to measure performance and has been shown to deliver results equal to that of organic placenta. 

When can I expect to see a change in my skin?

Our products ingredients provide immediate anti-aging effects! In a clinical study, participants saw a 9% reduction in crow’s feet in just 1 hour, and a 26.5% decrease after 6 hours!

 Are your products vegan?

Yes! Our products use a bio-synthetic alternative to placenta making it 100% vegan. 

How do the growth factors work?

Our products are specially formulated with growth factors to promote cell-regeneration, a natural function that declines with age, leading to sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. When applied to the skin, these growth factors stimulate the cell-turnover process, enhancing collagen production and elastin (essential proteins in your skin), that aid in healing the skin from damage and signs of aging. 

Are your products non-comedogenic? 

Yes! Not only will they not clog your pores, but they will help shrink the appearance of your pores by enhancing cell turnover to remove visible build up. 

How are the growth factors made?

Our growth factors are produced by expert skincare chemists to replicate those found in nature, and are chemically identical. The manufacturing process includes a unique mixture of bio-synthetic peptides and phytonutrients for a safe, effective, and ethically-produced formula - with no compromises when it comes to results. 

Will your products make my skin more sensitive to sunlight?

No, unlike prescription retinoids that leave the skin sensitive and irritated, our formulas nourish and hydrate while boosting cell turnover. While your skin won’t become any more sensitive, we still advise wearing a daily, broad-spectrum SPF 30 to prevent UV damage to your skin.

Does Roo offer a money back guarantee?

Yes! Roo offers a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days after the purchase date so you can try any Roo Skincare product with confidence.