Research & Information

Benefit Study
Targets Collagen & Elastin +32% increase in elastin in 2 weeks and +47% in 4 weeks. Evidence of skin rejuvenation, cell vitalization, and stimulation of cell growth and keratinocyte.*
Environmental Damage Protection Stimulates sequestosome production from +17% without pollution up to +40% under photo pollution.****
Anti-Aging -38% decrease in wrinkle depth and -56% decrease in roughness. Post-trial results showed smoother, firmer-looking skin.***
Soothes Inflammation Stimulation of wound healing and management of capillary vessels help to soothe redness and reduce inflammation.*
Reduces Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles -10% reduction in crow’s feet wrinkles after 2 weeks, and -21% after 4 weeks.*
Delivers Instant Hydration +83% increase in hydration just after applying.*
Promotes Long-lasting Hydration +10% increase in hydration 72 hours after single application.**
Restores Volume (Plumping) -26.5% decrease in wrinkle depth after 6 hours (temporary ‘flash filler’ effect).****
Protection from Collagen Degradation -42% decrease in collagen degradation.****
Skin Brightening Stimulation of healthy cell production and repair promotes a brighter, healthier-looking complexion.*
Evens Skin Tone Stimulation of cell turnover reveals more even-toned skin over time.*
Restores Antioxidant Capacities +20% increase of skin antioxidant capacities.****

*Clinical evaluation of 12 participants over 4 weeks.
**Clinical evaluation of 10 participants (tests performed on forearms).
***Clinical evaluation of 22 participants over 28 days.
****Clinical evaluation of 20 participants over 56 days.

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