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Yes, It's Really Vegan!

When we say 'vegan placenta', we're referring to a synthetic placenta alternative with an identical chemical makeup when compared to animal placenta. The Luxe Placenta present in our formulas is bio-engineered to mimic the real thing, in every way, without having to harm or exploit any animals in the process. Learn more below!

The Revival Collection.

The key to unlocking youth: Roo Skincare Pharmacology, an active ingredient safely synthesized to mimic nature's production of growth factors for healthier, more revitalized looking skin.

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Discover the youth-defying revolution. Roo Skincare is clinically-proven to renew your skin from the inside out through all-natural, bio-synthetic therapy.

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With over 30 years of scientific research and development, Roo Skincare is an industry leader in
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Discover Roo Revival Collection

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